A Digital Revolution in Localized Conversations! Dive into a world where your voice echoes both across the street and continents away. From sharing that hidden gem cafe in Tampa to feeling the heartbeat of Tokyo's nightlife, Holr seamlessly blends the intimacy of local chats with the thrill of global connections. Curate your unique 'Crew', achieve 'The Voice' status in your locale, or simply drop a message halfway across the globe. With Holr, the world doesn't just talk; it resonates. Join the conversation and redefine how you connect!

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Don't just talk-amplify. With holr, your voice effortlessly bridges the gap between the street corner and continents. Engage with your community, or tune into global chats, all in real-time. Dream of becoming the 'Voice' of your area? Seize the moment. Elevate your voice and spark meaningful conversations. Dive into the dynamic universe of holr today.
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your status matters

The Voice

Step into the spotlight with Holr's 'Voice' status! Engage, advise, and resonate to become your locale's trusted source. It's more than just a title—it's about leading conversations, fostering community vibes, and earning recognition. Every interaction brings you closer. Ready to be the 'Voice'?


listening radius

Customize Your Experience: Set your listening radius to engage in conversations that matter to you. Whether you're at a conference or exploring your neighborhood, holr helps you connect with the right people at the right time.

Globally Connect


Longing to listen in on other corners of the globe? holr has got you covered. Peek into any place in the world with our 'Eavesdrop' feature. Tap the magnifying glass, slide the map, and immerse yourself in global conversations. Even better, 'drop' messages to different places and let your voice transcend borders!


Speak Local. Hear Global. holr!

Engage deeply with your local community, be the leading 'Voice' in your own backyard, and then stretch your horizons by dropping messages worldwide. Holr brings the essence of local bonds to the global stage, empowering you to connect like never before.

More cool stuff about holr

Dynamic Listening Radius

Adjust and fine-tune your listening circle, from a few feet to miles wide. Dive deep into local conversations or broaden your horizons, all at your fingertips!

The Voice Status

Become a beacon in your community! Engage, share, and rise to claim the title of 'The Voice' of your area. A unique blend of credibility and influence awaits you.

Personalized Check-Ins

At a big game or a serene cafe? holr's check-in feature announces your presence, connecting you instantly with fellow Holr users nearby. Say hello to spontaneous meet-ups!

Global Message Drops

Curiosity knows no bounds! Drop a message anywhere on the globe, breaking barriers and making connections beyond your immediate surroundings.

Assemble Your Crew

Tailor your holr experience by curating your personalized 'Crew'! Highlight and keep tabs on your favorite users, ensuring you're always in sync with their latest updates and check-ins.

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